Autophagy inducer 3


Autophagy inducer 3 

Autophagy inducer 3 具有细胞自噬 (autophagy) 诱导活性。Autophagy inducer 3 能强烈地诱导不同癌细胞死亡,而不影响正常细胞。Autophagy inducer 3 通过形成特征性的自噬空泡、形成 LC3 点状体、上调自噬标志蛋白 Beclin 和 Atg 家族蛋白等,来诱导细胞自噬。

Autophagy inducer 3

Autophagy inducer 3 Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 2691054-63-2

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Autophagy inducer 3 has autophagy induced activity. Autophagy inducer 3 possesses robust autophagic cell death in diverse cancer cells sparing normal counterpart. Autophagy inducer 3 induces lethal autophagy by formation of characteristic autophagic vacuoles, LC3 puncta formation, upregulation of signature autophagy markers like Beclin and Atg family proteins[1].

IC50 & Target


(In Vitro)

Autophagy inducer 3 (compound 26b) (10 μM; 48 hours) effectively inhibits cell growth in diverse breast, lung and colon cancer cell lines[1].
Autophagy inducer 3 (0-10 μM; 48 hours) exhibits potent antiproliferative activity in COLO-205, LOVO, HT-29, DLD-1, SW48 and SW-620 with IC50s of 2.03 μM, 3.33 μM, 4.15 μM, 4.46 μM, 3.14 μM, 1.86 μM, respectively; and shows low cytotoxicity in normal human colon fibroblast CCD-18Co with IC50 over 10 μM[1].
Autophagy inducer 3 (7.5 μM; 18 hours) promotes non apoptotic cell death in DLD-1 cells by cellular granularity through vacuole formation and increase Annexin-V positive cells as well as PARP cleavage; and robustly induces the expression of classical autophagy markers like Beclin-1, Atg3, Atg5 and Atg7[1].

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Cell Proliferation Assay

Cell Line: MCF-7, MDA-MB-231, DLD-1, HT-29, A549 and NCI-H358[1]
Concentration: 10 μM
Incubation Time: 48 hours
Result: Effectively inhibited cell growth at 10 μM dose in diverse cancer cell lines with the inhibition rates of 89.28~97.66%.

Cell Autophagy Assay

Cell Line: DLD-1[1]
Concentration: 7.5 μM
Incubation Time: 18 hours
Result: Promoted intracytoplasmic vacuole accumulation in colon cancer (DLD-1) cells; and robustly induced the expression of classical autophagy markers like Beclin-1, Atg3, Atg5 and Atg7.








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  • [1]. Ganesher A, et al. New Spisulosine Derivative promotes robust autophagic response to cancer cells. Eur J Med Chem. 2020;188:112011.