Bevacizumab (PBS)(Synonyms: Anti-Human VEGF, Humanized Antibody (PBS))


Bevacizumab (PBS) (Synonyms: Anti-Human VEGF, Humanized Antibody (PBS)) 纯度: 98.94%

Bevacizumab 作为人源化血管内皮生长因子(VEGF)抗体,是一种高效的单克隆抗体。Bevacizumab 可用于癌症研究。

Bevacizumab (PBS)(Synonyms: Anti-Human VEGF, Humanized Antibody (PBS))

Bevacizumab (PBS) Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 216974-75-3

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Bevacizumab, as a humanized vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) antibody, is a highly effective monoclonal antibody. Bevacizumab can be used for the research of cancer[1][2].

(In Vitro)

Bevacizumab-loaded hydrogel results in significant tumor reduction. Bevacizumab is taken up by other organs, including the heart, lung, and spleen. Bevacizumab accumulates higher within tumors via Bevacizumab-loaded hydrogel administration from 14 days onward as compared to the solution formulation. Bevacizumab (I.v.) solution, a typical drug clearance profile is observed where the antibody is cleared from the circulatory system with a half-life of ~4~5 days. The Bevacizumab-loaded hydrogel and the weekly administration of Bevacizumab solution inhibits tumor growth/metastasis in the peritoneal cavity, while one-time i.v. injection of Bevacizumab solution does not provide any therapeutic effect, leading to extensive tumor metastasis[2].

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