Bendamustine-d4 hydrochloride(Synonyms: 盐酸苯达莫司汀 d4 (盐酸盐))


Bendamustine-d4 hydrochloride (Synonyms: 盐酸苯达莫司汀 d4 (盐酸盐))

Bendamustine-d4 hydrochloride 是 Bendamustine hydrochloride 的氘代物。Bendamustine hydrochloride (SDX-105),一种嘌呤类似物,是一种 DNA 交联剂。Bendamustine hydrochloride 可激活 DNA 损伤反应和细胞凋亡 (apoptosis)。Bendamustine hydrochloride 具有有效的烷基化,抗癌和抗代谢作用。

Bendamustine-d4 hydrochloride(Synonyms: 盐酸苯达莫司汀 d4 (盐酸盐))

Bendamustine-d4 hydrochloride Chemical Structure

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Bendamustine-d4 hydrochloride is the deuterium labeled Bendamustine hydrochloride. Bendamustine hydrochloride (SDX-105), a purine analogue, is a DNA cross-linking agent. Bendamustine hydrochloride activats DNA-damage stress response and apoptosis. Bendamustine hydrochloride has potent alkylating, anticancer and antimetabolite properties[1].

(In Vitro)

Stable heavy isotopes of hydrogen, carbon, and other elements have been incorporated into drug molecules, largely as tracers for quantitation during the drug development process. Deuteration has gained attention because of its potential to affect the pharmacokinetic and metabolic profiles of drugs[1].

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盐酸苯达莫司汀 d4 (盐酸盐)


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